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A Guide to Play American Roulette Online 2022!

American roulette is mostly played in the US only. The reason is the high house edge of 5.26%. The perfect choice for VIP and high rollers with no issue of budget.

Best Indian American Roulette Casinos 2022

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We have handpicked some of the best casinos for our Indian players to play American roulette online. You can play this game online, live or through your smartphones.

No doubt the risk is high in American roulette. but, the Return to player(RTP) is also higher as 94.74% in Live American roulette.

This American roulette guide covers ever single detail from basic rules, betting options, betting odds, payouts and winning strategies.

Keep reading!

Basic Rules of the American Roulette

  • Different chips are used in American roulette game compared to other variants of roulette.
  • After selecting your favourite table, you need to exchange the chips and cash with the dealer.
  • Each player is allotted different coloured chips to avoid confusion during payouts.
  • Only the dealer can rotate the roulette wheel.
  • The ball is dropped in the opposite direction of the wheel.

Betting Options in American Roulette

Like other variants of roulette, betting options are the same in American roulette casino. So, there are outside bets and inside bets. 

Players can put stacks on single or multiple bets. Online roulette bets can’t be placed, altered and removed once the dealer has announced ‘no more bets’.

Inside bets: The risk of losing money is higher in these bets but payouts are far better than outside bets. These bets are placed on the inner side of the wheel. Look at the table below to get a better understanding of inside bets!
Sr.No Bet Type Description
1 Straight up It is placed on single numbers including 0 and 00.
2 Street Bet is placed on the line at end of a row.
3 Split Bet is placed on the line between two adjacent numbers.
4 Corner/square It is placed on four corner numbers.
5 Five Bet is placed on 0,00,1,2,3.
6 Line Bet is placed on 6 numbers of 2 rows.
Outside bets: These bets are placed on the outer side of the wheel and are known as the safest bets. The payouts are lower compared to inside bets. There are 6 types of outside bets in American roulette game:
Sr.No Bet Type Description
1 column Placed on 2-1 box of the entire column.
2 Dozen Placed on a group of 12 numbers. (1 to 12)(13 to24)(25 to 36)
3 Colour The bet has to be placed on all the red/black numbers of the wheel.
4 Odd/Even The bet is placed on all the odd or even numbers of wheel.
5 High/Low Bet is placed on low numbers(1 to 18) & high numbers(19 to 36)

American roulette odds & winning payouts

Bet type odds payouts
Straight (single number) 2.6% 35 to 1
Split (two numbers) 5.3% 17 to 1
Street (three numbers) 7.9% 11 to 1
Corner (four numbers) 10.5% 8 to 1
Column 31.6% 2 to 1
Dozen 31.6% 2 to 1
Red/Black 47.4% 1 to 1
Even/Odd 47.4% 1 to 1
Low/High 47.4% 1 to 1

The layout of the American Roulette Wheel & how does it work?

This version of roulette is slightly different from other classic variants i.e. European and french. The difference is the availability of 00 slots. That means, there are a total of 38 slots instead of 37 in the American roulette wheel. The wheel contains a mix of red, black and green coloured numbers.

  • 0 & 00 are green coloured slots.
  • 1 to 36 are coloured in red & black coloured slots.
  • Bets are placed on the inner & outer section of the wheel.

Let’s know how it works?

  • The wheel is rotated in one direction and the ball is dropped into another direction. 
  • The aim is to bet on the numbers where the ball will land after the wheel has been rotated.
  • The probability of ball landing on any of the 38 divisions is equal.
  • Players are paid if the ball is settled on their betted number.

Winning Strategies for American Roulette

The huge advantage of playing American roulette is the huge winning payouts. No doubt winning depends more on luck in American roulette. but we have found some best American roulette strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Take a look!

S. No. Strategy Description
1 Martingale Keep doubling down your bet until you win. The chances of winning/losing are 50-50.
2 Fibonacci Based on a mathematics series. You have to add the previous two bets to form a new bet. Add when you are on the winning track and stick to 1st level if you lose.
3 D’Alembert’s Based on the balance theory, you have to keep betting until your selected number appears on the roulette table. Also known as the gambler’s Fallacy.
4 Gun & Run Martingale Almost similar to martingale but is less aggressive and risky. This strategy suggests to run or walk away if you are consistently losing 2 or more bets.
5 Labouchere This strategy of roulette follows the cancellation theory. Don’t opt for the numbers you have already won or lose. Rather bet on new numbers.

Live American Roulette

Live Roulette is the perfect choice to get an immersive gambling experience. All the leading and genuine casino sites have upgraded and optimised their software to support different operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows.

You can select your favourite roulette table, style, language, minimum & maximum betting limit.

You can chat with the live croupier and other participants through a live chat window.

Once you have selected your table; the casino will allow you a spot on the table. Now, you have to place the bets for the next game session of American roulette.

The roulette table will display the highest possible payouts depending on your selected numbers.

A separate Result column is available to see the result history, Hot( drawn frequently) & cold numbers (drawn infrequently) are also displayed.

Play American roulette on Mobile

Want to experience American roulette on your smartphones? Well, all you need is a 4G/5G lag-free internet connection for a smooth game session.

 To play American roulette on your smartphone you can directly access the casino site from your mobile browser. Another option is to download the app from the play store/App Store on your iOS/Android/window devices.

The roulette casino sites have upgraded their software and are compatible with different devices like phones/tablets/desktops/iPads etc. The mobile roulette experience is equally good as you will get on your PC.

All the betting options and payment options remain the same. A player interface is available on your phones to place online bets.


Winning depends more on your luck than your skills. But some strategies like martingale, Fibonacci, D’alembert’s & Labouchere can help you increase winning odds by pattern recognition.

First of all. select your favourite roulette casino online to start playing American roulette. You have to place the bets before the wheel is rotated. The ball is dropped in a separate direction. IF the ball settles on your betted number, you will win the game.

To play American roulette online for free you can visit Royal panda, Leo Vegas, 10 CRIC and many others from our shortlisted casinos on this page.

To earn real money playing American roulette online, you can visit Pure casino, Spin casinos, Betway etc. or, simply pick a casino from our listed roulette casino sites in our guide.

An American roulette wheel has an extra 00 ball pocket with a total of 38 numbers. whereas in the french version there are 37 slots with different betting options and house edge.

You can apply various roulette strategies like martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alemberts, Labouchere etc. Always try to fix your minimum and maximum betting limits. Be confident and ready to bear losses. These simple tips have proven to increase winning odds.

No, online or digital versions use the RNG( random number generation) technology to make sure biased game sessions are conducted. So there are no chances of any type of fixing.

All the numbers on the roulette wheel are arranged systematically. so, the probability of ball landing is equal for all the numbers. To increase your winning odds, outside bets are the best option.


Wrapping up, we suggest you pick the best and safest casino to play online American roulette. The decision is yours. But make sure your selected casino has better reviews and rating on google. Always check the license and legitimacy of casinos online.

To make it simple for you, we have listed some of the best casinos for Indian players to play online American roulette. Not only they offer irresistible welcome offers and other promotions but also ensure the safety of players. 10CRIC, LuckyNiki, LeoVegas, Betway are the perfect destinations to play American roulette online for free or real money; the choice is yours!