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Guide To Lightning Roulette For Indian Gamblers

If you’re a fan of roulette games, then you must try your hands on Lightning Roulette. Created by Evolution Gaming, this version of roulette has taken the casino world by storm. The thrilling concept of this game has caught millions of eyes all around the world. And Indian online casinos are no exception to that.

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But what’s the reason behind the popularity of this game? Why is it loved by so many players?

In this article, we will answer all your questions. We will also provide an in-depth guide on how to play roulette game. Not just that, but we will also share some tips and strategies to help you become an expert and earn a good profit. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

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What Is Lighting Roulette?

The game is similar to the standard roulette game and usually played with a roulette wheel having 27 pockets divided into Green ( a zero) and Red and Black in between 1-36.

Also, Lighting Roulette is a form of European Roulette game with a great opportunity to win up to 500x on a straight-up number. 

In straight-up win without the multiplier pays around 29:1. Whereas in normal roulette, you will get a payout of around 35:1. Isn’t that awesome? If you look at other bets on the roulette table, it pays a basic payout and doesn’t entitle for the multiplier win.   

With the concept of the latest RNG gameplay, lighting roulette has become an extended version of casino games and gives the players a top-class gaming experience. You won’t miss out on the aura of a land-based casino because with incredible multiplayer variability and HD live video, a lighting roulette gamecan be played virtually with unlimited numbers of players. 

However, speed, unique features, and lucky numbers make lighting roulette even more distinguishable than any other form of roulette games.

Learn The Working Of Lightning Roulette

You might be thinking, why is it important to learn the working of this game? Well, when it comes to casino games, the mechanics of the gameplay are as imperative as the design of the game. Thus, it becomes essential to learn the working of the lightning roulette. The good thing is that the game relies on popular gaming systems with only a few extra elements included.

This version of the roulette combines the live format with a set of multipliers. It’s set up like a TV-game show. Here the dealer pulls a lever that’s similar to the ones present on the slot machines. It’s to start the spin. But, before the spin happens, a lightning bolt strikes a maximum of five random numbers. These numbers are then chosen as the Lucky Numbers. If you win a bet on any of these numbers, then you will receive a bigger boost, which can range from 50x to 500x!

Keep in mind that the Lucky Numbers are selected through an advanced algorithm. Also, Evolution Gaming claims that their profitable RNG is generous and rewarding. Moreover, the RNG is fair and impartial.

How To Play Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette has quite a few impressive elements. However, one must not forget that the game is based on the European version of roulette. So it has the same 37 slots on the wheel. It also offers all the “standard bets” that one can find on the online classic roulette game. 

If you’ve ever tried real money roulette games, then you won’t have any problem understanding the basics of this game.

Choose a lightning roulette casino

First, choose a live casino that offers lightning roulette and suits your requirements. Then locate the said game in your casino’s game lobby.

Make a bet

Once you open the game, you’ll find several betting options at the bottom of the screen. Plus, some other features are available as well. For example, you can easily check the outcomes of the last 500 spins by using one of the given options. Also, their interface allows you to place bets simply and easily. All you need to do is place your casino chips/tokens and make a bet.

Wait for the spin to start

Wait for the dealer to pull the lever and start the spin. The last step is to cash in your winnings, i.e., if you end up winning the bet. 

Strategies To Win Lightning Roulette

There have been numerous changes in the field of live casinos that have led to the development of new and exciting variants. One such variant is the lightning roulette by the one and only evolution gaming. And we’re here to offer some best roulette strategies to boost up your winning odds.

Guaranteed Win Strategy

You can secure a 100% win in lightning roulette by betting on all single number positions. By covering all the single numbers, you’ll have enough chances to take advantage of a multiplier number. However, it is equally risky. On one hand, you’ll have a guaranteed win with the spin on the other you won’t be getting a guaranteed multiplier to win. So, if you were to make a bet of Rs 100, you are guaranteed to take a loss of Rs 700 in a non-multiplier spin. 

Multiplier Strategy

As described above, in lightning roulette the best way to secure a multiplier win is by betting on all the single numbers available. So, when these numbers are chosen, you have the best chances of bagging a multiplier win. However, your chances of taking a loss are the same as well. So, you may have to wait a couple of spins before hitting the jackpot i.e. the multipliers. 

The Spread Strategy

The spread strategy revolves around a rather reserved approach to the single numbers. It involves picking either the 1st 12, middle 12 or the 3rd 12 numbers and sticking with them. With one-third of the wheel cover, you’ll be having a 1 in 3 chance of winning. 

Lightning Roulette Playing Tips And Tricks

Lightning roulette features a different sight from any other form of online roulette versions. Along with thrilling opportunities to earn multipliers rewards, it comes with a few tips and tricks to remember before starting the game. So instead of blindly chasing a strategy, you should follow those tips to play roulette that are applicable to almost every casino game. 

  1. Bet according to your budget: Before you start gambling, make sure to check your funds and decide what account you will not mind losing. We agree that no one gambles with the intent of losing money, but there is always a chance of losing your potential fund as well. Therefore, while aspiring for winning a cash load, make sure to check your bankroll. 
  2. Use the benefits of bonuses and freebies : Throughout the gaming session, you will get a bunch of exciting bonuses and freebies. However, there is nothing wrong with taking advantages of the bonuses until and unless it is a legitimate one. If you are striving for a 500x multiplier win, then you might need to stretch your budget as well. So, make use of bonuses at the right place and at the right time.
  3. Be consistent: We agree on the fact that, losing a bet while gambling is a catastrophe. Well, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so you need to be consistent and hope that the next round will be better. However, in few cases, players tend to place multiple bets hoping for a larger win but end up chasing the losses. Therefore, note that winning a streak won’t be tragic if you know when to exercise restrain. 

Live Lightning Roulette -Try Your luck!

Are you still hesitant to play Lightning Roulette online? If so, then here’s why you should try your luck at this thrilling live roulette game.

  • If you manage to hit the lucky numbers using a straight-up bet, you’ll receive higher payouts. In this game, you can win up to 500x of your bet. However, this happens quite rarely.
  • The lightning round adds a dramatic factor to the game. Many people enjoy playing this roulette, just to experience the thrill of this moment.
  • It’s a nice change for people who are bored of the regular roulette games.
  • Also, the design and animations contribute to the wow factor of the game. It makes you feel like you’re taking part in a TV program.
  • Let’s not forget the overall format of their user-interface. It’s brilliant, especially the mobile roulette version.

All About Lucky Numbers And Payouts

Lucky numbers are the best things about the real money lighting roulette. But why are they called so? 

After you place a bet, a set of numbers are created by a random generator. The worth of each number is also determined randomly. These are called ‘lucky numbers.’ In every round, there are 1-5 lucky numbers and each pays out from 50x your bet to 500x!

Keep in mind that these payouts refer to the straight-up bets on the lucky numbers. Non-multiplied straight-up bets will only pay out the standard amount of 29x. All the other betting options, like Splits, and Corners pay the same as the classic roulette.

Let’s take an example to understand how the payouts are given. Suppose, you place a straight-up bet on four numbers- 10, 15, 26, and 35. Consider that your bet gets accepted, and the lightning strikes three lucky numbers- 5, 16, and 26, with the payouts of 50x,100x, and 400x.

If the roulette ball falls in pocket 18, then you are paid out on your bet at the odds of 300 to 1. Note that the ball must fall in a lucky number pocket for you to receive the increased payouts.

Beat And Get 500x Multiplier In Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette has an upper hand over your standard roulette in that it offers you a chance of winning up to 500x the amount you bet on a single number. Thus, making your session much more exhilarating with these huge multipliers. However, if you are to bet on a single number, you’ll have to be really patient to secure a 500x win as it occurs once every 15000 spins. But you can improve your chances of securing a 500x multiplier by multiple folds by betting on 10 or 20 numbers simultaneously. However, you shouldn’t forget about the 100x or 200x multiplier, which occurs much more frequently. 


Specifically, there is not much difference between the games. Lighting roulette offers some great improvements in terms of features and overall user experience. Except that, the bets are a bit similar apart from straight-up bet, which has a multiplier factor up to 500x.

Luckily, all reputable online casinos accept this game version in India. Just choose a suitable site where you will get all the features and enhance your gaming experience. 

Yes, you can directly interact with human dealers at the live version of lightning roulette. It’s quite easy to interact at a chat window and share your queries by leaving out messages and get replies instantly. 

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Lightning Roulette is all about strategies. If you use the right ones, it won’t take much time for you to win a big bet. With a thrilling concept and a TV-style setup, it is one of the most popular roulette games. And that’s why it necessary for players to understand all the basics before stepping foot on the battlefield. In this article, we tried our best to clear your concept about lightning roulette. So that next time you feel like playing roulette, you can try this version of the game.