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Mobile Roulette Apps & Games 2022

Mobile roulette apps or casino is a relatively new concept that offers players the convenience of availing this hugely popular table game via their mobile phones. Mobiles have more or less become a huge part of our life, and many of us cannot go an hour without using them. And now with the arrival of mobile roulette, gambling lovers have one less issue to deal with. Mobile gambling is easier than ever with fewer restrictions. So, here’s a guide for you to learn how to play and bet at roulette games using this pocket-sized happiness. 

mobile roulette

India's Best Mobile Roulette Casino Sites 2022

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How To Play Mobile Roulette In India?

Playing mobile roulette is rather simple, provided you have a smartphone. You just need to follow the below-mentioned instructions, and you’ll be able to get going with your favorite game, be it on a mobile casino or an app.

Play on an app

Many players tend to lean towards fun mobile roulette apps rather than casinos. This may be due to some added advantages like improved graphics and a better user experience. So, first, we’ll lead you through the procedure of how you can set up and play using a mobile app: 

Step 1- choose and install the app:

Choose a casino site from the best mobile Roulette gambling sites available online. You can find the app either on the website itself or on an app store on your mobile. Install the app.

Step 2- Sign up and get ready:

Skip this step if you want to play for free. If not, either sign up with a new account or sign in using the one you use for the desktop version.

Step 3 – Find a game:

In the games lobby, you are free to find a roulette game of your choice. You can also choose a demo version when playing for free.

Step 4 – play!

At the betting table, you can place the chips at their position and hit the spin option. Once the wheel stops and your scores and notes, you can either hit re-spin or go back to change the bet.

Play on a mobile casino

If you don’t want to go through the app installing process, then you can decide to ease up the process by choosing a mobile casino. There are a number of casinos to choose from. The steps of playing are the same, minus the installation process of course.

Difference Between Mobile Roulette Casinos And Apps

Mobile Casinos

  • Provide Instant play, and no download is required.
  • No compromise in the variations of games offered.
  • Won’t use any of your device’s storage space.


  • Apps offer a more spontaneous and intuitive interface
  • Apps are designed to offer more impressive graphics than your regular casino.

Devices To Play Mobile Roulette Games

With the development of technology and its rapid use in making things more convenient for people, mobile devices came into existence. And today, they are practically utilized to tend to all our tasks. Then why not for gambling? With the best mobile roulette gambling sites now available with a mobile version, every casino game is within the palm of your hand. Whether you prefer iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter as casino games are available on both devices. Some of the top devices are:- 

iPhone Devices

The craze for iPhone operating systems has not gone unnoticed. Most of the best roulette casinos are available on and compatible with iOS devices. iPhone users can access and play either live roulette or the normal online version instantly using their iPhone's browser. And with the Apple store, they are free to download any of the best Apple iPhone roulette apps and enjoy their heart's content.

Android Devices

There will hardly be a device that doesn't offer android roulette. Android users don't need to sweat over anything, as they are offered a wide array of casino games on their devices. The standard ones like American online roulette or the French online roulette being a must. The players can easily access all of the best roulette apps through the Google play store.

iPad Devices

People having iPad devices can enjoy a better version of roulette that is better in quality and just as enjoyable. iPad roulette is all about the big screen and the outstanding graphics, which make it a preferred choice among roulette players.

Tablet devices

Tablets and iPads are pretty much the same thing and offer similar sets of benefits, if not the same. Tablet mobile roulette definitely is a better version of online roulette. Tablets can also be used to play multiple roulette games at once.

Free v/s Real Money Roulette Casinos For Mobile

When it comes to real-money gambling, you need to be extra cautious before diving into any game, especially when you don’t know much about it. Playing a demo version for free first is an excellent way to learn new strategies and build your skill set. Below are some of the advantages of both real-money roulette and the free-version:- 

Play For Real Money

  • You can access all the available roulette variants.
  • You can win real money with these games.
  • You can avail the casino’s bonuses and promotions.
  • It allows you to boost your bankroll. 
  • The ‘live’ version can be played. 

Play For free

  • You cannot bet using your own money.
  • You can learn and adapt new strategies.
  • No need to worry about the losses you can merely restart the game.
  • You can test the house edge.
  • You can even play it using a mobile app.

Benefits Of Playing Roulette On Mobile

Mobiles have made so many things easier for us. Playing roulette online is no exception. With the rise of smartphones, the roulette that was once confined to land-based casinos or your Pc screen can now be accessed from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a good internet connection. Some of the many benefits are:-

  • It provides players with the convenience of playing roulette from wherever and whenever they want.
  • It offers high-quality gaming service and graphics that are superior to the website ones.
  • Most mobile roulette versions come with a variety of payment options for making deposits and withdrawals.
  • You can take your time building your strategies and honing your skills.


Online Mobile Roulette Developers

Some of the top companies have developed real money mobile roulette in these recent years, but each of them has its unique and creative approach to it. Some of them offer virtual games, while other focus on both live and virtual ones. Go through the below mentioned top 3 software developers where you will find the top roulette apps for mobile. 



Microgaming is a leading name in the gambling industry. This software developer offers one of the vastest collections of casino games, including roulette variations like classic roulette, lightning roulette, etc. There are few mobile table variations as well.


Well-known software provider that offers excellent casino games with high-quality graphics and sound effects. They also provide a wide range of roulette variations so that players can choose their favorite one. Roulette Touch is one of the best roulette you will ever find.

Play n go

Although, Play n go is not on the list of most famous casino software providers. But some of their games are very popular in the market. Not just that, they are considered as one of the few software houses that have developed real money roulette games.

Our Top Tips To Play Roulette Mobile Casinos

Playing roulette on mobile is way more convenient than playing it on any other device. But, as we all know there will always be some things you need to keep in mind before starting any task. And getting started with mobile roulette is no exception. So, to make sure you get to enjoy your game to the fullest, here are some roulette tips from our side.

Try using a secure connection

Make sure to use a Wi-Fi source, that is safe and secure. If you have any doubt, avoid that connection.

Play on trusted sites

Never give your details to a mobile casino that is not certified. Firstly, take time and research well and choose a reliable and trustworthy casino.

Keep a track of your data allowance

Usually, mobile gaming takes up a lot of mobile data. So, it's best to play mobile games whenever you're connected to wifi to avoid massive bills.

Charge your mobile

Would you enjoy it if your battery goes down during your gameplay? If not, then make sure to charge your device fully before you begin. Keep a charger by your side just in case.


LeoVegas is unbeatable in and comparatively offers better mobile gaming functioning. There are other roulette apps like 888 Casino that provide the best roulette apps section as well. 

Just like any other gambling application, roulette apps can easily be downloaded for free. You can find these apps on the App Store or play store otherwise you can download an installable file directly from the casino’s site. 

Yes. Firstly, to claim maximum bonuses, you need to create an account at an online casino. Even if you don’t get a variety of bonuses, but will surely get welcome bonuses which can be wagered on roulette.

Casino apps are definitely a better option. Specialized casino apps offer a vaster variety of games with regular updates. However, mobile casinos are better in the fact that they give a high-quality gaming experience. So, in the end, it all boils down to what you like and prefer.

Yes, live dealer roulette is available on both mobile as well as in desktop. Also, it is compatible with both Android and IOS devices and provides smooth and high-quality performance. 


That was it about mobile roulette and all the elements surrounding it. Once you have a smartphone and know how to use it, there’s not much left to learn. The basic rules and bonuses won’t change just the setup will be different. With better graphics and added convenience, there’s not much to complain about. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with any of the best mobile roulette sites and play for free or with your precious money.