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10 Roulette Tips To Win Real Money

Roulette tips and tricks can be of significant importance to some players. These tips can help a player understand the game better and choose what’s the right move. However, it should be kept in mind that you should not solely depend on these tips.

These are meant to merely set the player on track for a wholesome game. They don’t guarantee any win. So, the smart move here would be to use these casino roulette tips along with good technique and strategy to improve your winning chances. Now, without any further delay, let’s start with our instructions about some top tips for online roulette.

Roulette Tips

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Top 10 Tips to play roulette online

Here’s our list of the top ten tips to equip you with, that would help you get closer to your goal and enjoy a nice game of roulette.

1. Always go with outside bets

If you want the best odds of winning, then you should go for outside bets. These bets are placed on groups of numbers such as odd or even, red or black, columns, dozens, etc. These bets are low-risk bets and offer plenty of enjoyment to the players. Though it offers relatively lower payouts, the odds of winning here are higher. So, if you are not looking for some high-risk betting, then go with outside bets. These are safer option. 

2. Try to ignore ‘What’s Due’

Some online casinos come with the feature of ‘what’s due’ that offers suggestions as to what the upcoming numbers might be. This type of analysis is usually based on certain mathematical patterns. However, it’s best to ignore these hints because the odds of winning don’t change. They remain the same regardless of the numerous suggestions thrown your way. Roulette is a game of luck, and your success is never guaranteed. So, don’t fall for it!

3. Find reliable casinos

One of the best things about top casinos is that, these operators are certified, honest, and trustworthy. But when it comes to online casinos, there are hundreds of casinos to choose from, and you will find some of the perfectly fair casinos while some frauds as well. So, it’s completely up to you how to choose a casino and on what basis. 

Make sure the site you choose is legitimate and has good reviews. It doesn’t matter how many best roulette strategies you use if you can’t differentiate between the legitimate casinos and fraud ones, then you will never win.

4. Don’t be fooled by the biased wheel concept

Even though there have been some rare instances where this phenomenon has benefited some players. It can hold true for live casinos due to a slight tilt in the wheel or some other error. However, while playing roulette, you should not consider it. In online roulette, the numbered are generated randomly with each spin, and there is no concept behind it. This makes every spin fair and random. So, if you are looking for some fault in the wheel in order to secure a win, you might want to reconsider your choices.  

5. Play for free first

Now, one huge advantage of playing roulette is that you can choose to either try roulette for free or for real money. So if you are not confident with your strategies and want to build your skillset, then opting for the free version is the right choice. This can prevent you from some unnecessary losses. Once you are confident enough and know all the types of bets and strategies available, go shoot your shot in the real-money roulette.

6. Try using a different betting system

Have you ever seen some of the top players altering their bets at the roulette table based on their winning probability? If yes, then you must have known the reason. So basically, winning probability increases if you use a different betting system. There are tons of betting system to follow, some require you to bet more while you lose and less while you win, and others require the opposite. 

In fact, every betting system is distinct. So before you jump on to one specific betting system, always remember that no betting system is verified to work. Even though, if you look at credible ones like the Martingale system, these are ineffective at times.  

7. Understand different roulette variation

Do you think all roulette game has only 38 numbers on the wheel ( including 0 and 00)? Then you are absolutely wrong!

Many roulette variations like European roulette  has 37 numbers on the wheel, and no double zero is present. But if you are excited thinking about odds are much better, let me tell you the fact that payouts are almost similar. So before you start playing any roulette variation, make sure that you understand the specific variant carefully and go through the advantages the house may have. In order to make a long-term profit, you must know the winning roulette strategy, correct odds, and set up of each roulette table. 

8. Play online European Roulette

If you are aware of roulette, then you must be knowing the advantage of European roulette already. European, unlike American roulettehas 37 numbers. This is because it has just one zero. And this difference is crucial for the house edge. European roulette due to this small change has a much lower house edge of 2.7% compared to the American 5.26%.

9. Don’t try to bet more than your budget

Would you ever go on a vacation where a rental would cost ten times higher than your actual budget? Probably, not. Similarly, there are no such major differences in online and land-based casinos, yet many people choose to bet on high roller tables at Rs 1000 or even Rs 5000 per bet when they have a budget of Rs 100 only.

Always remember that betting more than your budget will lead you to nowhere. Make sure, to set up a budget and choose reliable stakes and stick to a good betting system in order to enhance your winning probability. 

10. Join live casino to get better exposure

Who doesn’t love live interaction? Isn’t it? No matter how good Indian roulette game might be, nothing can beat the live interactive roulette variations that come with a live dealer. The strategies that you use in the online version are similar in a live setting as well. 

Also, this would help you enhance your gaming skills as you will get a chance to observe other’s players betting styles. But before you start playing on the live version, adapt yourself to a slower game, as online roulette is much faster than the live roulette.

Online Roulette Tips & Tricks For beginners

If you are an amateur in this field then you might want to consider a few tips that would help you to get started on the right foot. Here’s our list of best roulette tips for beginners:

Manage your money and bankroll

Gambling requires serious money management. It’s important to wager sensibly and handle your bankroll properly. So, ensure that you put a limit to your gambling money and begin with small amounts. 

Consider the odds and payouts

Each bet has its own set of payouts and odds. Outside bets pay 1:1, whereas inside bets can have a payout of 6:1 to 35:1. Thorough knowledge of all bets and their odds is crucial for succeeding.

Try combination bets

Inside bets are riskier but have a higher value. So, if you are ready to take the risk, going with combination bets can be helpful. These are bets in which you wager on either 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 individual numbers. Though these online roulette bets are costlier than the single number ones, they can earn you higher payouts in the longer run. 

Keep track of the rules

Beginners should not get carried away with the prospect of earning money. Play with your brain. Therefore, you should never forget the basics as they would help you avoid any chances of making major blunders.

Learn To Deal With Roulette Losses

In online gambling, losses mainly depend on your bet types. If you don’t want to lose a huge amount, make sure to set up a limit on your bets. Also, sometimes it depends on your luck and the strategies that you apply. If you are losing your bet in 1st and 2nd rounds, then you should stop betting on further rounds. This way, you can save yourself from losing a higher amount. But, don’t lose hope and keep practising different strategies and come up with a good spirit. 


So, if you start with Rs 100 and end up with Rs 150, then withdraw your profit amount instead of adding it to the next wager. And continue playing with the same amount of Rs 100 to limit your maximum loss to Rs 50. So, this way your chances of losing higher money will be reduced. 

Yes, it is important to set up a limit and bet on an amount that you can afford to lose. Once you have decided how much money you are capable to lose, stick to it and don’t be tempted to bet any more.

The betting amount may vary from casino to casino. And few casinos have a minimum betting amount that you need to follow otherwise, you won’t get access to the game. 


Overall roulette is a great casino game to play and will double up your excitement level at every point of the game. However, we all wish to have a useful online roulette tips that would help us win the game in a much easier way. So, go through the above-mentioned tips and adhere to new strategies along with it in order to enjoy the game to the fullest.